The Guide – Part 1

Hello, it’s love from Evernew again…

Thank you again for choosing us to capture your day, we are delighted to be looking after you!

We wanted to create a series of guides that would help our couples throughout the various stages of their planning and on the day itself. These guides which will help you get the most incredible wedding photos possible, and have a relaxed and enjoyable day. After all, it’s your wedding! It should all be a celebration!

None of these suggestions are hard and fast rules that you have to stick by,  just recommendations from our photographers after shooting many weddings and we want to share this knowledge with you because we know how much consideration and love goes into your planning.

The one request we have of all our couples is to really focus on each other. When you only have eyes for each other, it makes it easy to capture your dream wedding photos.

Celebrate your love, wildly, and with reckless abandon!

Have a Vision

We encourage all of our couples to take the time to create a vision for their wedding day. Sit down with your beloved and ask yourself, what styles and themes resonate with you both? What does your day feel like? Where is your ceremony (indoors outdoors)? Is it a sophisticated and refined affair, or Is it more relaxed and summery wedding?

Then consider your guests, how do you want them to experience the day and how do you want to feel at the end of the night?

You may already be clear on this, or not, but now is the time to consider those elements. It’s immensely helpful to have a clear vision when you’re planning as it will help you choose everything from your flowers, to the location of your ceremony.

* Note – choosing a style and colours for your wedding is important, it helps you easily navigate choosing everything from your flowers to your reception styling, bridesmaids dresses and accessories.

Running the day

Your morning – The preparation

If your ceremony location has a bridal suite or accommodation on site this can be a beautiful way to create a cohesive look across your photos. However, when you’re considering your preparation location there are a few things to bear in mind…

Always choose houses, penthouses or bridal suites if you are hiring accommodation for your morning. You will always need more space than you think.

it’s likely that you will have at least ten people with you through the morning including photographers, videographers, hair and makeup, your bridal party family and random visitors. Everyone will have bags and handbags etc. You can quickly see how an average hotel room won’t suffice.

When you’re choosing accommodation, look for options with lots of natural light, and be mindful of the colours used in the interiors. Strong colours will reflect onto you in your photos.

If you are getting ready in the family home, plan to use the lightest room in the house for photography and remove any large items that may be lurking around that you wouldn’t want in your photographs.

The Ceremony

When planning your ceremony time and location, consider the location of the sun and the quality of the light. Ideally, no one (especially your groom) is looking into the sun during your ceremony or when you come down the aisle.

Evenly lit locations are ideal as it’s difficult to get incredible photographs if the lighting is inconsistent. If your groom is in the shade and you are in the light we have to choose who will be exposed correctly and if the light is dappled than there can be overly harsh highlights where the sun comes through or very dark shadows from the leaves.

Think about your guests, are they going to be comfortable? Do they want to be sitting in the sun at 1.30 which would be the case for a 2 pm ceremony? If you’re having a summer wedding during the day do you have shade for elders and refreshments available? Will the guests and your groom be ok if you are running late?

Arbours are a great way to create a sense of space for your ceremony, florals always looking amazing and we have seen stunning structural pieces as well. If you have a fantastic view consider something low lying that doesn’t detract from the vista.  

This doesn’t apply to religious ceremonies, however, if you’re choosing a celebrant – hire someone young who excites you. Get married by a celebrant who you think is cool, rather than someone in a grey pantsuit.  

Final note, always opt for an unplugged ceremony, no one claps when their hands are busy taking photos. This is a moment for celebration, not iPhone photography.

The location Shoot

When planning your day, consider where you would like to go to for your location shoot. A great place to start is to think about what you like and what you are drawn to. Do you gravitate towards greens and natural backgrounds, or are you excited by a more urban aesthetic? If you’re using Pinterest or Instagram as a resource, take note of what photos you like or pin most often and also what doesn’t catch your eye, this will help you decide on the look you like the most.

Once you have decided what look you would like for your location shoot, now begin thinking about where specifically you would like to go. We rarely recommend more than two different locations otherwise you start to feel rushed. Note that the further away your locations are, the more your time is eaten up by travel so to make the most of your time, choose locations that are relatively close by.   

Ideally, we would have two hours between leaving the ceremony location and beginning of your reception for your shoot.

Planning your Reception

Lighting at your reception will have a huge impact on your photographs and is key if you’re wanting to create a magical fairy land. You can never have too many lights and lighting installations and lanterns, fairy lights and chandeliers all work brilliantly. However please note, if you’re planning a fairy light backdrop, double whatever you think is necessary. Then double it again.

When you’re budgeting for styling, save money on little things and splurge big items such as hanging flower arrangements and arbours, these are much more visually arresting than dozens of smaller centrepieces.  

There are a few traps to avoid when lighting your reception, especially the purple lights of death. Unfortunately purple light makes you look unhealthy and is something we can’t change this in post-production. If you prefer not to have fluorescent purple skin, please avoid purple lighting.  

For the first dance, ask your DJ to turn off their laser lights if you have them, otherwise you end up looking like a rainbow dalmatian in your photos and films. It’s an interesting aesthetic, but not ideal for your wedding day…

When timing your formalities (speeches, first dance, meals and cake cut) feed your guests early and have an event happening every ½ hour all through the evening. This allows you to open up the dance floor sooner rather than later so your guests can have a party!

We don’t recommend choreographed dances, unless you are a supreme dancer.  We’ve seen too many couples argue over when to do the dip, or that they missed when they should be focusing on this incredible moment together.

Styling – The Dress

For most of us, what we wear on our wedding day will be one the most iconic outfits we’ll ever pull together. So much so that sometimes it’s worthwhile engaging a designer or stylist to help you plan and create a clear vision for your look. When you have found ‘the one’ the styling begins…  

Every part of your look should compliment you and your dress, rather than compete with it.

If you choose a modern gown with clean lines, work with simple jewellery and a sophisticated bouquet, if you opt for something bohemian than wildflowers and loose hair would work beautifully.

Note: There are no wrong choices, but we find committing to a single aesthetic for the day makes your styling remarkable

Styling – Your Flowers and Bridesmaids

When talking to your florist, watch that your bouquet doesn’t become too heavy, or too big, remembering you have to carry it with you for most of the day.

Also, the proportions matter. Your flowers mustn’t conceal your waist as this will make you look larger than you are. The widest part of the bouquet should always be smaller than your waist to show off your figure. More on proportion, bouquets that are too small (rockmelon size and under) will make you look like a flower girl. The same goes for bridesmaids bouquets, this isn’t the place for posies.  

This, of course, goes without saying, but avoid fake flowers, diamante or ‘fashion’ bouquets and excessive costume jewellery. You want people looking at your face, not fake bling.

Finally, we beg of you, please avoid heavy colours and black for bridesmaids dresses. Black bridesmaids dresses are depressing and incredibly difficult to shoot against a white dress and the same goes for heavy jewel colours. Embrace softer colours and elegant styles to create a timeless look.

Choosing your Dress

A good dress makes you feel like a princess, and great dress gives you butterflies the moment you put it on. Alternatively, a bad dress will be memorable for all the wrong reasons. The perfect dress is comfortable, fits your body perfectly and allows you to move.

Invest in tailoring and alterations, it makes the world of difference. It’s very rare to find a dress that fits perfectly off the rack and the same applies for your groom’s suit. Great tailoring means the garment will perform as it should on the day and makes an average suit look expensive and luxurious.

Listen to your designer’s advice as to what suits your body shape. There are so many incredible silhouettes available now, always choose a gown that flatters your figure, rather than something that is currently in vogue.

If you have a slender groom, avoid very full skirts and ball gown styles, as you won’t be able to see your man for the dress. If you are going with a full skirt on your dress, it should have a slender bodice and paired with a short veil.                                                                                                                                                                                 

If you’re well endowed, please avoid strapless gowns! It always ends in tears. In order for your dress to stay up it needs to be incredibly tight around your ribcage which leads to blisters and breathlessness after several hours. You won’t feel this in the fittings or at the boutique when you try it on, and there is little to be done on the day to relieve your discomfort. Avoid the heartache, straps are your supportive, loving friends.

Your veil should come from your designer as an identical colour match is important. There are dozens of shades of white and ivory and it’s noticeable when your veil doesn’t match your dress.   

Please choose shoes you’re comfortable in, stilettos are wonderful but only if you can tolerate 8+ hours in them.  Remember, you need to walk between several locations on the day, and you want to be able to dance! We’ve seen brides in the past become upset because they’re in so much pain from their beautiful shoes, so take the time to break them in and make sure you’re comfortable.

Inspiring your photographer

If you want incredible photography, please don’t give us an exhaustive inspiration/shot list. We love documenting you, and that means capturing your day authentically, as it unfolds. It’s devastating if we’re spending most of the day recreating shots, rather than creating new incredible images that are unique to you.

Do tell us what you like and don’t like. Whether you love powerfully posed images or if you like a more natural look with movement, it doesn’t matter, just as long as we know so we can create images you adore.

We’re real people and can take feedback so please,  if you’re uncomfortable or you think an idea we are suggesting is strange, say so.

Remember, we will be working a 12 hour day for you and are there to ensure your memories are captured for the rest of your lives. If you’re kind and considerate of your team we will bend over backwards for you.