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"Yes, I document, and I capture

But more importanly, I create"

- Andy Z

Named Wedding Photographer of the Year in Queensland


Evernew Studio, born in 2013 under the vision of Andy Zheng during his pursuit of a Doctorate in Visual Engineering, marks a remarkable journey. Andy’s passion for pushing creative boundaries in photography took him to incredible heights, earning him the prestigious title of AIPP Queensland Wedding Photographer of the Year, alongside numerous national and international accolades. Throughout this journey, Andy has steadfastly nurtured his creativity and honed his distinctive style as a wedding photographer.

Andy’s signature style is a fusion of creative ingenuity, meticulous attention to detail, and a rare knack for capturing those candid moments that often go unnoticed. With his extensive experience in wedding photography, Andy effortlessly infuses sophistication, refinement, and timelessness into his work. From the very outset, he has been unwavering in his commitment to capturing the profound moments of each wedding and crafting images that evoke cherished memories for a lifetime.

Andy and his team have cultivated a timeless style that transcends time, evokes deep emotions, and exemplifies beauty, even in the most fleeting moments. To ensure the Evernew team remains at the forefront of their craft, Andy provides ongoing training to his hand-picked photographers and videographers, ensuring they are continuously sharpening their skills and pushing the boundaries of their craft.


2019 AIPP Epson State Awards - Silver Awards × 2

2019 WPPI First Half Competition - Silver Awards × 2

2018 APPA - Australia Professional Photographer Awards - Silver Distinction Award

2018 AIPP Queensland Wedding Photographer of the year Finalist

2018 AIPP Epson State Awards - Silver Awards × 2

2017 APPA - Australia Professional Photographer Awards - Silver Distinction Awards × 2

2017 APPA - Australia Professional Photographer Awards - Silver Awards × 2

2017 AIPP Queensland Wedding Photographer of the year

2017 AIPP Epson State Awards - Silver Awards × 4

2017 WPPI Wedding Division Details - First Place Awards

2017 WPPI First Half Competition - Silver Awards × 2

2017 Fearless Awards × 2

2017 ISPWP Judge & Category Third Place

2016 WPPI First Half Competition - Silver Distinction Awards × 2

Kind Words

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The photos are magical, our day with Andy was a dream! It was relaxed with lots of laughter, and his photos have captured that joy. Further, he was professional and easy to contact the entire way, despite the numerous changes of covid. We could not be happier, and highly recommend. Andy's photos are timeless and will capture the joy and essence of your day perfectly.

Andy is incredibly talented, and very professional and fun to work with. We were so lucky to have had him capture all the special moments on our big day. Each time we look through our collection, we're able to magically experience the day all over again! Thanks you so much!

We were lucky enough to have Andy as our photographer for our wedding in March at the Greek Club. He was beyond amazing, and he took the time to ensure our photographs were perfect. He was great to work with, and engaged in conversations to help you feel comfortable. Better yet, the final product was AMAZING! Every photograph I fell in love with which has made the process to choose some for our house extremely hard because I love them all. Would highly recommend!

- Caity & James

- Joanna & Tony

- Bianca & Hayden

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Recent Weddings Shot by Andy

Timeless and Elegance

Get In Touch

We are just a small team and we only capture a limited number of weddings per year, so please provide us with your wedding date so that we can check availability for your big day!

Thank you again for your interest in our work. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Andy Zheng
Evernew Studio