Weddings are expensive events, there’s absolutely no denying that. Everything seems to have the ‘wedding tax’ tacked on to it, from your cake, flowers and even the shoes!

Your photographer and cinematographer may just end up being one of the largest investments on your wedding day. In saying this, if you choose your photographer wisely, they will be one of the most cherished and value-packed additions. Let us explain;

The Finesse

When you book a photographer, you're investing in their artistic vision and thousands of hours of experience, refining their craft into a true art form. This expertise translates into the ability to capture fleeting moments, navigate tight schedules, and handle challenging lighting conditions, all while ensuring every image is stunning.

At Evernew Studio, we have developed a distinctive style that has captured the hearts of hundreds of couples. Your moments, captured through our lenses in a beautiful and timeless way.

Before and After the Wedding

Our work goes beyond just capturing a single day of celebration, at Evernew Studio we will work with you through the planning stages of your wedding and invest countless hours into our post production.

Before the wedding day, we will work closely with you to truly understand your vision for your day, providing tips, suggestions and sharing our experience to ensure that you have the best possible day!

Beyond your wedding day, we work tirelessly to select, edit and retouch your photos, turning what we have captured into true works of art that will stand the test of time and become something for you to cherish forever.

Lasting Value

The memories made on your wedding day are invaluable. While food and flowers are temporary, professional photographs are enduring treasures that grow more precious with each passing year. These images capture more than just moments; they transport you back to the joy, love, and laughter of your special day. They become cherished heirlooms, a visual narrative of your love story that can be shared with family and friends for generations. Essentially, wedding photos are an investment in preserving the magic of your wedding day, ensuring these precious memories can be relived and shared for many lifetimes.

Our Packages



Starting at $3,500

8 hours of photography coverage, one photographer, unlimited images captured, handcrafted images delivered in 1-3 weeks



Starting at $3,500

8 hours of cinematography coverage, one cinematographer, unlimited HD footage captured, licensed music provided, handcrafted wedding film delivered in 1-3 months

Engagement Shoot



One to One and a half hour of engagement photoshoot, in a location of your choice (travel fee may apply), 40-50 handcrafted images delivered in one week

Content Creation



One Designated Content Creation Professionals All Day

With a iphone 14 Plus Phone

At Footage Shoot on 4k at 60P

All Footage Delivered Online on the Next Day of Your Wedding

One Mintue Highlight Video Delivered on the Next Day of Your Wedding