Salina + Jason | Airlie Beach Elopement

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I hear, “elopement,” I feel a thrill of excitement for couples. Once upon a time eloping was an illicit business – an escape from disapproving families or a slap-dash affair. Now, fading is the image of an Elvis impersonator in White Chapel, (though props to you, Jewlie. Legendary), and it’s the twenty-tens hottest trend – think tropical paradises, wind swept Arabian dunes or swapping rings over a hot dog in the Big Apple. The world is your oyster.

Salina and Jason had it down from the start – they each knew what the other wanted and their love was focused and true. What more do you need than a bikini and a boat license to start planning your day? Well, turns out just a few extra special elements.

Staying at the Coral Sea Resort, Salina wore the glove-like Paloma gown, by one of our favourite Australian designers, Grace Loves Lace. (Thanks F45 gym!) Natural oceanic accessories brought the look together with beautiful pearl anklets and earrings, finished with a spritz of Coco Chanel.

Jason wore a cream suit from MJ Bale, and made it is own with leather accents and a tasteful boutonniere.

Skip to the nervous bit – Salina made a graceful poolside entrance to clapping and cheers from other resort guests, but only had eyes for Jason’s huge smile under the white silk arbour. Some legal vows, a ring exchange and a kiss later – married! The champagne was waiting for them on ice, ready to toast for this new adventure…. And what better way to kick it off than cruising up and down the Whitsunday Coast in a cherry red Mustang convertible!

Spending the sunny afternoon with these two was so much fun; what a pleasure. With nowhere to be and no schedules to adhere to, we drove to the good light, pulled over when it looked opportune, had loads of laughs and even stopped for a picnic. Absolutely magic!

“I like to think this collection of images reflects the love Salina and Jason have for one another, and the joy of this wild adventure they had. Elopements have an extra special place in my heart, and as they cut a cake for two, I couldn’t wish them better for the next weeks of their snorkel and sun-filled honeymoon.” – Steph

The Coral Sea Resort on the Whitsunday Coast is an excellent choice for couples looking for a tropical paradise destination wedding. It is located walking distance from both Airlie Beach Village and the Abell Point Marina, where you can directly access the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef.


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