Hannah + Alex | Sirromet Wines Wedding

Walking down the aisle with her dad at Sirromet was something Hannah wasn’t sure would be possible in the lead up to her wedding, and it became her most memorable moment.

“Dad had a stroke late last year and we nearly lost him. As someone who used to be so independent and strong, it was a very dark and hard time for us all. We weren’t sure if he would be able to make it to Australia and unbeknownst to me, he made it a goal to be well enough in order to get the hospital’s permission to fly here. He also practiced walking with the physio every day and declined his cane during the processional because in his words – “He wanted to proudly walk me down the aisle without aid”. I tear up even as I write this now. We were both so emotional and it was truly one of the best moments of the day.”

Hannah and Ker-Ming’s Sirromet wedding was just as beautiful as it was soulful. These two threw out the rulebook and crafted their day to be exactly the way they wanted it to be. Mixing non-traditional elements (such as a first look) with traditional cultural elements (a mini tea ceremony and Hannahs’ hanbok she wore at the reception, the day was uniquely theirs “Honestly, there is nothing that we regret. We’re so glad everything went well and that we stuck with our guns on all the elements we wanted for the day. As cliche as it sounds, our wedding was truly one of the best days of our lives.”

They added personal touches to their Sirromet Ceremony and reception to create their clean and classic vibe “Florals were also really important to us and we chose garden roses that had the most amazing perfume nestled in grey foliage.”

“The funniest moment of the night was a bit of a sneaky one; Ker-Ming knows how terrified I am of being the center of attention so he kept on whispering jokes into my ear throughout the whole first dance. Unfortunately, it made me even more nervous and made me trip more!”

Hannah’s advice for brides? “The best advice we received would have to be – (Pardon the french but) Sh*t happens and you have to just relax and go with the flow.  Weddings are hard but it’s all worth it 🙂 Oh and make sure to choose a really good photographer!”

Andy and Danny were delighted to capture these two lovebirds at Sirromet, have a scroll through their whole day below! 


Wedding Planner: Tahlia from Sirromet Winery @weddingsatairromet 

Styling and flowers: Julie Vine Flowers 

Celebrant: Jo from Big Love Weddings @bigloveweddings

MC/DJ: DJ Brad @djbrad  

Bridal dress designer: Ferrari Formalwear @ferrari_formalwear_and_bridal

Shoes: Nine West @ninewestaus

Engagement rings: heirloom and antiques 

Bridesmaid dresses: Bridesmaids Etc @bridesmaidsetc

Groom and groomsman’s suits: from overseas

Cake designer: Sweet Boo

Stationary designer: Peach Perfect @PeachPerfectStationary

Makeup and hair: Sarah Thong Makeup and Beauty @sarahthongmua


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И я согласен, что выводы Tinder — верные.
Состоятельный и обеспеченный человек это прежде всего опора и финансовая надёжность для своего партнёра! Именно поэтому гармония в жизни – это гармония в отношениях и конечно же это и гармония в финансах.
Лично я взял Себе Халву! : переплата всегда 0% – До 36 месяцев! лимит дали 100т.р. на девушек хватает.
Кто хочет сделать как я – Банзай – кнопка ниже.:

Многие хвалят Альфа банк – карту 100 дней. : Надёжный, проверенный Банк + лимиты до 500 т.р.
Одобряют не всем – зато наверняка:

Дебетовая карта Свобода от Хоум Кредит Банка – также интересный и достойный вариант.
До 3 месяцев – период рассрочки на покупки вне партнерской сети, 0% – процент на покупки в рассрочку
В любых магазинах – Рассрочка работает абсолютно везде:

Ну и конечно же куда ж без Совести.) Ставка за пользование рассрочкой – 0% годовых в магазинах партнёрах
Количество партнёров – более 50 000 магазинов, ресторанов и сайтов-партнёров
Период рассрочки – от 1 до 12 месяцев в зависимости от партнёра :

Эти и другие карты есть на ресурсе ссылка на который ниже:
Я там много карт видел! И Халву, и Совесть. Даже 100 дней от Альфы и вроде Польза ещё была.

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Genre: Synthpop music
Country: Europe
Album Release Date: February 15, 2019
Album Type: WEB, Album
Music Record Label: Red Flag Self Released
Codec: MP3 and FLAC tracks
Quality: MP3 320kbps CBR and FLAC Lossless
Playtime: 44:54


01. Red Flag – Endless (6:10)
02. Red Flag – Back to the Beginning (4:14)
03. Red Flag – The Nights Eternity (3:52)
04. Red Flag – The Epic the Wise (4:01)
05. Red Flag – Vanished (4:40)
06. Red Flag – Once Forever (4:30)
07. Red Flag – Not for Gold (3:02)
08. Red Flag – Mask (3:36)
09. Red Flag – We’ll Never Die (3:26)
10. Red Flag – Still Bargaining (4:13)
11. Red Flag – Missnomer (3:10)

Download Red Flag – Endless 2019 (Red Flag Self Released) MP3 320kbps CBR :


Download Red Flag – Endless 2019 (Red Flag Self Released) FLAC Lossless :



Red Flag – Discography: Albums, Singles, EPs 1988-2012:

Albums :

1989 Naive Art
1994 The Lighthouse
1998 Caveat Emptor
2000 The Eagle and Child
2001 The Crypt
2001 Fear of a Red Planet
2002 The Bitter End
2002 Who Are The Skulls
2003 Codebreaker T133
2007 Born Again
2008 Remnants
2008 RMXD I
2008 RMXD II
2008 Time is the Reaper
2012 Serenity

Singles & EPs :

1988 Russion Radio
1992 Machines
1996 EP
2000 Black Christmas
2001 Cause And Consequence
2001 I Am The Wind
2001 Fear of A Red Planet
2002 Spider And The Astronaut
2008 Unleash All Hell
2008 Unleash All Hell – Limited Edition
2008 My Door is Open
2008 Halo
2008 Time is the Reaper
2008 Once Past Twice Future
2009 Run
2009 Misery Loves Company

Compilations :

1990 Naive Dance

Download Red Flag Discography in MP3 tracks:


Download Red Flag Discography in FLAC Lossless:


New music HERE : http://new-music.site Updated daily!

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Как говорится в самой партнерке, то они работают по системе «Revshare».

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