Here’s 5 ways to personalise your wedding

You are unique,  and your wedding should be too! We’ve seen some incredibly creative and touching ideas at weddings  that you may find helpful to make your day feel more ‘you’ so to say. So, here are our top tips for making your wedding day right for you!

Tailor your day

We recently shot at a wedding where the bride and groom played their first video game together as husband and wife instead of completing a first dance. Totally nerdy, but they were totally nerds, and everyone loved it! The couple knew that doing a first dance wasn’t quite right for them and instead swapped it out for something that was.

Moral of the story, it’s your day, tailor it to suit you! There is no ‘normal’ wedding anymore.  If you want to do a first look, do a first look! If you want your mum to walk you down the aisle, that’s cool! If instead of having a ceremony you want to have a long lunch with your friends, do it!

Your guests will have an even better time when you’re glowing from creating the wedding of your dreams. Don’t worry about breaking the mould or sticking to a script that doesn’t suit. It’s your day – own it!

Wear whatever you want to wear  

Love. Your. Dress. Wear the dress (or pant suit/storm trooper costume etc) that lights you up. If it’s knee length and purple thats amazing! If you want your bridesmaids to wear black, incredible!  Your day should feel like you, and if you’re more comfortable in gold than white, wear gold, go for sequins and a crown too!

The same goes for the boys of course, there are many alternatives to the traditional suit. We’ve been to an beachside wedding where the groom was wearing a pink linen jacket and looked slicker than James Bond.

Please note –  always check with your bride first, for safety reasons, you know what we mean.

Customise your wedding favors

An easy way to incorporate elements of your personality into your reception, is to customise your wedding favors. If you’re a dj, think about making a mixtape for your guests. If you’re an intrepid traveller, adding your top 3 destinations to the back of your thank-you cards would be a beautiful touch. You get where we’re going here, bring on the weird and wonderful.

A note on thank-you’s, a sure way to blow your guests away is to have hand written notes for your guests on the reception tables when your guests arrive. It’s a small time investment that makes every one of your guests feel like a VIP. It also takes the pressure off you if you don’t get around to everyone to say thank you on your big day!

Share your culture and family

Your culture and family are such a huge part of you, it only makes sense to include them in the biggest day of your life.

We love seeing traditions rolled out, whether it’s tea ceremonies, smashing plates or your dad embarrassing you playing the spoons terribly on his knee, family traditions often make the day! So share them!

We had a bride and groom create a slideshow of family photos that played while they had their first dances with their parents. It was a beautiful way for them to say thank-you and by the end of the show everyone was in tears.

Write personalised vows.

Yes, it might seem scary, and yes it’s the right idea.

Writing personal vows might be one of the most intimate and touching things you can ever do for your partner. You are publically acknowledging how incredible they are, what you think is amazing about them and how much they mean to you. There aren’t many opportunities in life where you can publicly declare your love for your chosen one in front of 80+ people, take the moment and run with it!.

If you’re breaking a sweat at the idea of writing something longer than a grocery list,  have a look at this blog by Married by josh. Josh talks about what’s required legally (because you want your marriage to be legitimate) and also how to craft vows that are meaningful to you!


Make the day about you, because it’s one of very few days in your life where you’re able to fully express yourself and your love for your partner on such a grand scale. Break the mould, create your dream day and cherish every moment.

At the end of the wedding we want you to curl up with your dearly beloved in the back of your getaway car and think ‘that was exactly how I wanted it to be”’