New Zealand Destination Prewedding Photoshoot

Have you ever seen a couple in the city, possibly during the week, dressed up in wedding attire having photos taken in different locations? Maybe they have some assistants holding lighting and there could even be a makeup artist with them, brush in hand. Chances are, this could be a Pre Wedding Photoshoot! Andy loves prewedding photoshoots and we thought we would share a little more about what prewedding really means, how it works and why our couples choose to reveal the dress before the big day!

What is a Prewedding Photoshoot? A prewedding photoshoot is a MUST have for our beautiful couples from the Asian countries and it is also a growing trend for western couples too. In essence, it’s a full day engagement shoot but with multiple wedding dresses and photo locations.

Why would you want to see your bride in her dress before the wedding? Isn’t that considered taboo? For most Asian couples their wedding days are packed with so many traditions, families and ceremonies that they simply do not have the time to do a proper location photoshoot on the wedding day. Therefore, instead of wearing casual clothes and having a cute engagement photo session for an hour or so, Asian couples like to wear their wedding attire and do a full day photo shoot in locations they love.

Speaking of locations, It’s now becoming popular for couples to have their honeymoon before the wedding so they can have their prewedding photoshoot at their honeymoon destination. This means they maximise their beautiful holiday, and can also display these photos at the wedding! As Andy would say “One Stone Two Birds.” We love it.

Andy is a Prewedding specialist couples fly from all over the world to shoot with him and he regularly travels internationally and interstate to capture his couples stories. Driven to chase light, he pours creativity and glamour into all of his photos. If you would like to see more of his prewedding work, check out his instrgam page @andyz.evernew