Kaitlin + Tori | Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

A slow-burning romance, long distance, and a big move brought Kaitlin and Tori together for an incredibly moving ceremony at Gabbinbar Homestead. “Tori and I met through our families who have been friends for many years through church. We have traveled together as families when we were younger, however, started dating four years ago. I moved out to Tara, from Brisbane, at the beginning of 2017 to be closer to Tori.”

Andy was delighted to spend the day with this wonderful couple, whose love for each other and their family shone through. One of our favorite bridal party color palettes this year, Kaitlin and Tori’s bridal party looked stunning in shades of blue, with accents of pink and red.  

Tori popped the question in the Bunya mountains, after delaying a picnic for far too long!  “We had been planning to have a picnic up there for many months, however, that is where Tori was going to propose and he hadn’t got the ring yet so he kept putting it off! 

He kept telling me that we should finish the painting in the house (as part of the renovations), go visit friends in Toowoomba etc whenever I planned the picnic before this date. When we finally got to go on the picnic, Tori had me make the picnic so he got off pretty easy and I didn’t suspect a thing!”Our favorite photos? It’s a tie between Tori in tears straight after the ceremony certificate in hand, and Kaitlin looking ethereal in the Gabbinbar light… although the schoolhouse photos are incredible too… we can’t choose! One of the benefits of Gabbinbar… there are so many places we can get incredible photos!

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