InterContinental Sanctuary Cove

In a picturesque, floor to ceiling glass façade that overlooks the charming Coomera Rivera, the breathtaking Wedding Chapel is the perfect backdrop for an “I do”, that will forever be remembered. Imagine starting your amazing journey through life with your partner, exchanging vows in a stunning, light filled setting that is perfect for elegant, stylish and sophisticated photos. Designed with a mezzanine level that provides a unique photography angle of the ceremony, entrance and exit, pure white tile and glass interior, high arched ceilings, and circular driveway, The Chapel is truly a beautiful setting for your special day.

The entirety of the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort is perfect for photos, The Glass Chapel, the tropical gardens that are spread all throughout the resort, the elegant, romantic stone fountains and stunning hotel are amazing settings that will enhance your wedding photos. Our photographers love to capture in the moment, romantic and candid moments that reflect the happiness of our couples and will forever be remembered by our photos.