Naz + Tony

Not only was Naz and Tony’s wedding visually stunning, with amazingly intricate details everywhere you look throughout the day, it was also one of those weddings where the photos that we take mean more to the couple than we could have ever imagined. Planning this wedding was an uphill battle for Naz and Tony with seemingly never ending Covid restrictions and lockdowns, but after multiple failed plans, there was a break in the restrictions and lockdowns and the wedding got the green light to finally go ahead. 


A short time after the wedding, Naz’s father sadly passed away and the photos that we captured on the day became one of the main ways that family and friends would remember and honour Naz’s late father. This wedding was such a solemn yet beautiful reminder of why we do what we do at Evernew Studio. It made us realise the true value of the work that we create – at one point or another, almost all of the weddings that we capture will be used as more than just an instagram post or just something to look back on down the line. At some point, our photos will be used to remember someone or help to tell someone’s story and this is what motivates us to keep on capturing weddings and immortalising the small moments that everyone but the photographer missed. I like to think of this in the context of looking through your parents or grandparents photo albums as a child and asking a million questions about who is who and what is happening in the photos, you can learn so much about a person just by looking at a few photos of them. This is why for decades, photos and videos have been the best way to pass someone’s memory and legacy down through generations. We believe that it is these little moments, maybe dozens of years down the line, that make a photo truly timeless. 


Okay, back to Naz and Tony’s wedding. The couple both got ready for the day in their respective family homes, both the bride and groom preparation were full of bespoke details. The boys had their perfectly tailored suits, skillfully made shoes and of course, the rings that would forever remind Naz and Tony of the promises that they made on that day. Over at Naz’s house, the details were never ending, including her delicately sequined dress on a mannequin (Traditionally, a female dress form has been known as a ‘Judy’ and the male suit form as a ‘James’) and even “Naz and Tony” embellished in flowers on the wall behind where she would get ready. As you can see from the photos, both mornings were filled with love and overwhelming emotion, many tears were shed when family and friends saw Naz and Tony dressed up for the big day – everyone knew how much this day meant to them. 


The tears of joy had only just begun, the ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George in West End. I don’t think anyone is quite prepared for how it will feel when they see their future husband or wife for the first time on their wedding day – Naz and Tony couldn’t escape each other’s gaze as Naz walked down the aisle. Both of their eyes welled up with tears, was it the nerves? The excitement? Or just an overwhelming love for each other? Whatever it was, it created one of the most beautiful moments that we have ever seen. Alone together, at opposite ends of a crowded room. 


We then did the location shoot at GoMA, a building that mimics the simplicity and elegance of Naz and Tony on their wedding day, it’s almost as if they were made for this location. It was impossible to hide the smiles on the faces of the whole bridal party, and Andy, Kelvin, Ryan and Lyndon captured this happiness perfectly through their lenses. Naz and Tony’s personalities really shine through these photos, the team captured everything with minimal posing and you can really tell how comfortable the couple are with each other and the Evernew team. 


The reception was held at Victoria Park in the Ballroom, which Naz and Tony had decorated with a tasteful mix of classic and modern details. We just love how the classic floral arrangements and candles mix with the modern lines of the golden structures that they are presented on. This was a day full of big emotions and the reception was no exception, from the excitement of the big entrance and the dance floor to the tear jerking heartfelt speeches from family and friends. This was a day that we are still so grateful that we got the chance to capture, congratulations Naz and Tony!