Sang + Khoa

COVID did not stop the wedding, but made the magic happen one more time! We are suffering from the pandemic these years lately; it affects every single one of us in so many ways. But this couple still made the best out of it!

Sang and Khoa knew each other for a long period since they were in high school and they start dating right before college. Then a few years later Khoa planned one of the most romantic propose in Bali along with their best friends. And of course, the proposal went well.All the happiness and the time that they had, finally led them to their wedding. They had the traditional Tea Ceremony and western ceremony on a different day due to COVID. Despite COVID may set the ceremony in parts, it would not break and lessen the joy that they would have with their celebration!

“Nice fun relaxing night. spending time with our family and friends and partying with them!” that’s what they are looking for in their reception, and that’s what Evernew studio delivered. Through the lens, the two photographers Andy and Danny capture the moment of joy and happiness, and they don’t miss a moment with their proficiency.