Shannon + Massimo

Shannon and Massimo first met while attending separate work Christmas parties way back in 2019, when you see the best looking people that you have ever seen, it’s natural to want to go up and ask for their phone number. Shannon did just that. But what she wasn’t expecting was Massimo to request a kiss on the cheek before he handed his number over to her. A kiss was given, a number was shared and this love story was set into motion. 


Years later, Massimo popped the question to Shannon way up in Port Douglas while the couple shared a sunset picnic, looking out over the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef. While planning their wedding day, Shannon and Massimo couldn’t wait to share some amazing memories with each other and their closest friends and family. The wedding day started off in one of Brisbane’s premier hotels, the Stamford Plaza, with both the boys and the girls getting ready there. Massimo and his groomsmen’s morning contained the “3 C’s” cigars, cannoli and cinnamon whisky – and not to forget, some of the most amazing light that we have ever seen. 


Meanwhile, up on Shannon and the Bridesmaids level, the finishing touches of makeup were being applied and Shannon was slipping into her delicately decorated George Wu dress and elegant Christian Louboutin shoes. Once again, the light in this room was like something out of a dream. Their photographer, Andy, skilfully balanced the moody light and the elegant details to create something magical that really highlighted the simplicity and beauty of this morning. 


While Massimo waited nervously at the end of the aisle, Shannon made her grand arrival to the early afternoon ceremony at Saint Stephens Cathedral in a vintage Rolls Royce. As soon as the old wooden doors of the cathedral opened up and Shannon started the walk down the aisle, Massimo, overwhelmed by emotions couldn’t help but shed more than a few tears as the moment that he had been waiting for for so long was finally upon him. The ceremony was filled with love, laughter and uncontrollable smiles from ear to ear. 


After rushing out of the cathedral, full of joy, Shannon and Massimo were greeted and congratulated by their friends and family. The photoshoot location that the couple chose was at the cathedral, making use of the huge staircase and gothic architecture. There was so much romance between the couple as they posed during the photoshoot , this romance was only accentuated by the dramatic architecture and light that was filtering through the trees above. Andy (Photo) and Ryan (Video) captured the mood of the afternoon perfectly through their lenses, using the light and their creative flair to their advantage to create some absolutely stunning images. 


From here, we went back to Stamford Plaza for the wedding reception. The room was decorated in a white and gold theme, with the help of the amazing Athena from Celebrate in Style wedding designers. The room was complete with the couples initials embellished on the dance floor in gold and amazing flower arrangements everywhere you look. Shannon and Massimo’s night went off without a hitch, it was full of dancing, heartfelt speeches and sparks were flying (Literally)!


One of our favourite things as wedding photographers is getting the chance to steal our couple away for a few minutes to take some night time photos. We love this because it gives us an amazing opportunity to A) create even photos for our couple and B) give the couple a chance to get away from the rush of their party and be alone together for a little while! We always get amazing results in these photos because (with the help of a few drinks) the couple are a lot more laid back and on a buzz at the end of a huge day that took months of planning. 


“The entire experience from start to finish was easy, relaxed, friendly, and comfortable. All the photos received truly capture how overwhelmed with happiness and love we were on the day, ranging from the church nuptials, reception room reveal, and of course our fabulous reception. Andy even snuck us away towards the end of the night for some sultry after party photos which were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!” – Shannon and Massimo