Isabella + Giuseppe

Isabella and Giuseppe were first introduced to each other by Isabella’s best friend in Giuseppe’s bar, Bar Pacino along Eagle Street in Brisbane. Legend has it that Giuseppe asked Isabella if she was also a Greek, to this she said no and that she is in actual fact Italian, so naturally, Giuseppe asked her to marry him right there and then! Now, obviously that wasn’t a real proposal, that came a few years down the line when Giuseppe took Bella to a house that he was currently working on and asked her to wear a blindfold. He carefully walked her through the house and out to the back, almost losing his Fiance-to-be into an empty pool along the way. When they reached the spot, Bella took off the blindfold and Giuseppe was down on one knee with ‘Marry me?’ written in huge light up letters behind him! One of their good friends was there to capture every moment on camera while under the alias of a photographer who wanted to expand their real estate photography portfolio. 


From the first moment, it was obvious that Isabella and Giuseppe knew the true value of photography and the importance of capturing life’s greatest moments, such as engagements and of course, weddings. It would be no easy task for them to find a photographer whom they could trust to capture their big day, it had to be someone that was well versed in Greek and Italian weddings, had a style that they loved and also someone who they could get along with famously. After much searching, Isabella and Giuseppe ended up choosing Evernew Studio to capture their big day and we couldn’t have been more excited as we already knew that it would be a wedding to remember! 


A lot of couples often overlook the last point that I made about being able to get along really well with your photographer and/or videographer. You will be spending the best part of 80% of your wedding day with your photographer, so it needs to be someone that you are comfortable with, this comfort also shines through in your photos, you will look a lot more natural and it also means that you can enjoy your day more by having some fun along the way! At Evernew, we pride ourselves on our people skills and the ability to get along with almost anyone – we believe that it’s the secret to capturing your most amazing moments! 


As wedding photographers, we love nothing more than to get the chance to photograph things that are a little different or… out of the ordinary. Isabella and Giuseppe’s day was packed to the brim with these moments. We started the day off in some of the most amazing homes that we have ever seen, you’ll see the amazing architecture in Isabellas getting ready photos and not to mention the sweeping views of the Gold Coast’s waterways. Over at Giuseppe’s house, we were met with a plethora of AMG’s and even a Brabus, and if you know anything about cars, you know just how special that is.  But it didn’t stop there, the location shoot was between a grocery store and the back of a yacht. We absolutely loved the chance to get to shoot in a grocery store, it’s something that we would have never thought to have done and the results were amazing – it serves as a reminder to always cherish the small and mundane things that you do together as a couple. Some of the best moments that you spend together are while doing things such as the weekly shop, walking the dog or cooking dinner together, sometimes you need to look at these tasks under a different light to notice the magic that’s in front of you. 


Isabella and Giuseppe’s reception was held at the Sheraton Grand Mirage and it was honestly set up like something from a movie. They had the tallest cake we had ever seen, consisting of 7 GIANT tiers, there were miniature trees on every table, life size fake cherry blossoms at the entrance and even a coffee machine, manned by yours truly, Giuseppe. The giant dance floor was a sign of the party that was to ensue in this elegant and exuberant room. The couple said that they were most looking forward to celebrating their marriage with their friends and family, once the sparklers lit up the dance floor and the Greek music started playing, we knew that they were serious about this!