Hayley + Adrian

When it came to wedding planning, Hayley and Adrian kept one motto in mind, and in their words that was, “classy, but fun”. These two came into each other’s lives just as Covid made its grand entrance and as you may know, finding somewhere to go on a date slap bang in the middle of a pandemic is no easy feat. With no cafe’s, bars or restaurants open, Hayley and Adrian opted to meet up for a game of beer-pong, naturally. We’ve definitely figured out where the “fun” in their motto comes from – but what about the “classy”? Flash forward a couple of years, Hayley and Adrian find themselves at the beautiful Hamilton Island overlooking the world famous Catseye beach. It is here that Adrian drops to one knee and pops the question to which Hayley answers, “yes”.


From here, the wedding to-do list was made, and at the top of that list was finding a photographer and videographer. They told us that they had wanted Evernew Studio to capture their day for a long time and booked us in before they even settled on a date or venue for their wedding! Eventually, Hayley and Adrian decided to tie the knot on the Gold Coast, Queensland, at the stunning Palazzo Versace. Everything about their wedding day was perfect, from the stunning Oksana Mukha dress to the breathtaking ocean views and the mosaic-clad Versace hotel. 


The couple told us, “I want everything to be beautiful and timeless and elegant, but I just want to have the best time of my life.” And we think that they did exactly what they set out to achieve. The wedding had elegant and timeless styling which suited the Evernew photography style perfectly, and it’s safe to say that Hayley and Adrien, their guests and their Evernew photo and video team had the time of their lives. You can definitely see the love, fun and class shining through in almost all of their photos from the day and late into the night. 


“Andy and the Evernew Team have blessed us with capturing all the special moments of our day.  They immortalised both the big events, and all the small, intimate moments in between.  As people who are not comfortable in front of a lens – the entire team were warm, comforting and made us feel like absolute royalty.”