Kat + Manoli

From the moment that we first met Kat and Manoli, we knew that this was going to be a wedding to remember. From the elegant George Wu Couture dress to the exuberant black dance floor and Swarovski details, everything about this wedding was lavish from the get-go. 

Kat and Manoli wanted nothing more than to honour their Greek heritage on their big day, they held their ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George in West End, a place that the couple holds close to their hearts. Did you know that the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George is the oldest Greek Orthodox church in Southeast Queensland, servicing over 35,000 Greek descendants over the years? 

At Evernew, we talk about ‘timeless’ and ‘elegant’ a lot, and Kat and Manoli’s wedding is no exception to this. The location shoot was around the Treasury Casino, nothing screams elegance and class like the weathered sandstone walls and chequered tiles of one of Brisbane’s most loved heritage buildings. On this particular day, the light was exceptionally good. Through the lenses of Evernew’s photo and video team (Photo – Andy and Hayley. Video – Sam and Ryan) Kat and Manoli can be seen sharing loving moments surrounded by light that is both romantic and dramatic. 

We mentioned the exuberant black dance floor and Swarovski details earlier, but nothing could prepare us for Kat and Manoli’s reception set-up. After the photoshoot at the Treasury Building Kat and Manoli we’re really excited to get back to the Greek Club to take some photos with their room – as soon as we walked in we knew why they were so excited! The piano black, glossy dance floor made the room look infinite and the dazzling details swept us off of our feet. It was almost too easy to make this room look epic in our photos. 

The party that night was absolutely huge, there were traditional dance circles, drinking games and petals being thrown into the early hours of the morning. Not to mention the heartfelt speeches from loved ones and the intimate first dance shared by Kat and Manoli. I think the spilt drinks and trampled petals left on the dance floor are a huge testament to the fun that was had that night.