Hollie + Glenn

We were told that Hollie and Glenns engagement was going to be a party for the ages… and that’s exactly what it was! Welcome to what can only be described as one of Brisbane’s most exclusive parties. This event had it all, Brisbane’s A list, a string quartet, eccentric decor galore, a casino and even personalised $100 bills falling from the skies. 


Hollie and Glenn’s love story first started at Riverbar, Brisbane, where the two were both out celebrating at separate events. Glenn was placing his order at the bar for a Henricks and Tonic when Hollie appeared next to him remarking “Classy drink” and as cool as the cucumber that garnished his drink, Glenn replied “Classy man” and this small exchange of words sparked a love that is truly magical.


The day that we spent with Hollie and Glenn can be best described as something from a Kardashians episode, we spent the whole day with them to create a video that’s reminiscent of an episode of a reality TV show. We went along with Hollie to the final dress fitting with Brisbane’s top dress designer, George Wu, where she had her intricately sequined and corseted dress fitted to every curve of her body one last time. Hollie wanted a dress that was simple and elegant, but George, being George, knew that there had to be a feature and a statement, so he decided to make the body the statement piece by tastefully accentuating everything. From there we whizzed back to their Newstead penthouse for the final touches of hair and makeup. Hollies hair complimented her dress amazingly and was styled by one of her good friends Valentin who also happens to be the owner of Vano Studio, one of Brisbane’s most premier hair Salons.


Once the finishing touches were done and the photos were taken, it was off to GoMA for the long awaited party of the year. As Hollie and Glenn walked down the Pavillion Walk toward the River Lounge where the event was being held, they were met with the sound of a four string quartet and the cheers of their most loved family and friends. Shortly after their grand entrance, there was a round of heartfelt and tearful speeches from the families and of course, Glenn himself. As his speech came to a close, he gestured toward a curtain on the far right of the room and ushered the guests toward it. Unbeknownst to ourselves and the guests, what hid behind the curtains was the next stage of the party – we didn’t think the party could get any better, but what came next sent our jaws straight to the floor. 


As soon as the curtains were drawn, the saxophones started blaring and the fake money started flying as the next section of the night was revealed. Out on the balcony, there were gambling tables galore, a dance floor and cabaret performers to welcome us. This truly was the party of the year and we were so glad that we got the chance to capture and experience it!